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Hall Effect Speed and Direction Sensors Diagram
Non-contact magnetic sensors that measure the distortion of magnetic fields and thus provide precise measurements of speed and direction. Output #1 is digital square wave and measures the speed of target wheel or gear. Output #2 is a DC level that when the target wheel rotates clockwise, the output signal # 2 produces logic High, and when the target wheel rotates counter clockwise, the output signal # 2 produces logic low. Output signal #1 will be 50% duty cycle with proper alignment of sensor and target gear.
Product Specification Range
A. Electrical Performance
1. Supply Voltage : (Vcc) Standard 4.5 VDC to 24 VDC.
Optional : 5.5VDC to 36VDC.
2. Target : Ferrous material, from 4 D.P to 32 D.P
3. Airgap : 0.005" To 0.120" (0.126mm to 3.045mm)
4. Speed Range : 0- 15KHZ
Optional: 0 – 20 KHZ
5. Output Signal : NPN Open collector with 4.7k ohms internal pull-up Resistor (Digital).
Optional : No pull-up resistor.
6. Output Voltage : Low= 400mV Max at 20mA Sink current
High= Follows Vcc
Optional : Low= 400 mV Max
High= 5.5 VDC
7. Output Direction : Target wheel with Rotation C.W produces a DC level (Logic High) and with rotation C.C.W produces zero level (Logic Low)
Low = 400mV Max at 10mA Sink current
High = Follows Vcc
Optional : Low = 400 mV Max, High= 5.5 VDC
8. Output Current :
(I sink)
20mA continuous operation
Optional : 50mA
9. Output Duty Cycle : 50% ±15% with equal size gear teeth and space between them
10. Protection : Reverse Polarity, -50 V Reverse, Load Dump: 60V
Optional : EMI , EMC, Input transient, and short circuit protections
11. Operating Temperature : -4° F to +221° F (-20°C to 105°C)
Optional : -40° F to +257° F (-40°C to 125°C)
B. Industry / Application
Automotive Engine speed measurement
Gear box speed sensor
Power generator Motor speed measurement
Turbine flow measurement
Exercise equipments  
Flow meter  
C. Features and Benefits
  • Non contact
• True zero speed and direction (Forward, Reverse) sensing.
• Constant amplitude square wave output
• Wide speed Range
• Customize for most environment