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Products /Variable Reluctance Speed Sensors with Digital Output

Reluctance (VR) Speed Sensors with Digital Output Diagram
Due to the active solid state signal conditioning integral with this variable reluctance speed sensor, it converts a sine wave signal output to produce a digital square wave signal with constant amplitude regardless of variations in speed.
Product Specification Range
A. Electrical Performance
1. Supply Voltage:
Standard 4.5 VDC to 24 VDC.
Optional: 5.5VDC to 36VDC.
2. Target: Ferrous material, single tooth or slot To 32 D.P
3. Airgap: 0.005" To 0.120" (0.126mm to 3.045mm)
4. Speed Range: 32 TO 1000 Inch/Sec
5. Output Signal: Square wave TTL, CMOS Compatible. With internal pull-up resistor.
Optional: No pull-up resistor.
6. Output Voltage: Low= 400mV Max
High= Follows Vcc
Optional: Low= 400 mV Max
High= 5 VDC
7. Output Current:
(I sink)
16mA continuous operation
Optional: 50mA
8. Output Duty Cycle: 50% ±15%
9. Protection: Reverse Polarity.
Optional: Input Transient Protection, Short circuit protection.
10. Operating Temperature: 32°F to + 158°F (0°C to +70°C)
Optional: -4°F to + 257°F (-20°C to +125°C)
B. Industry / Application
Automotive Engine speed measurement
  Aerospace Counting, and position sensing
  Locomotive Crank shaft , and cam shaft speed sensor
Electric Power Generator Motor speed measurement
Turbine flow measurement.
Exercise Equipments Motor speed sensor
Flow Meter  
Agriculture Equipment:  
Construction Equipment  
Tachometer Speed sensor
C. Features and Benefits
  • Self Powered  
• Wide Speed Range
• Simple Installation