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Variable Reluctance (VR) Speed Sensors Diagram
The collapse of magnetic field due to the interruption by a ferrous gear tooth provides an analog signal output (sine wave) that does not require an outside power source. Variable reluctance sensor or Mag-pickup is suitable for speed sensing with a range from 30 to 1000 inches per second with a target gear from one tooth per revolution to 32 pitch gear.
Product Specification Range
A. Electrical Performance
1. Resistance:
40 To 2000 Ohms
2. Target: Ferrous Material,Single tooth or slot to 32 pitch gear tooth
3. Airgap: 0.005" To 0.150" (0.126mm to 3.807mm)
4. Speed Range: 30 to 1000 Inch/Sec.
5. Output Range (VPP): 100 To 200 Vpp.
18. Operating Temperature: -40° F to + 221° F (-20°C to 105°C)
Optional : -40°F to + 302°F (-40°C to 150°C)
B. Industry / Application
Automotive Engine speed measurement
Gear box
Speed sensor
Aerospace Counting, and position sensing
Locomotive Crank shaft , and cam shaft speed sensor
Power Generator Motor Speed Measurement, Turbine Flow Measurement
Exercise Equipment Motor Speed Measurement
Tachometer Speed sensor
Agriculture Equipment:  

Flow Meter

Construction Equipment  
C. Features and Benefits
  • Self Powered
  • Wide Speed Range
  • Simple Installation