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: Automotive Sensor

Applications: Crankshaft, Transmission speed, Engine speed, dynamometers, Performance vehicles
Sensor usage: a range of Mag-pickup or hall effect sensors particularly (speed and direction) may be used for this particular application.  

Aviation and Aerospace Sensor

Application: Fan control, Solenoid, Test equipment, Antenna, Engine control, Switches
Sensor usage: VR speed and Hall effect sensors are used for these types of applications

Off Highway, Agriculture, Construction Sensor

Off highway, agriculture, construction
Application: Dynamometers, Crankshaft, Transmission control, Engine speed control, Cement mixers, lifters, tractors, harvesting machines, trucks.
Sensor usage: OEM and assembly manufacturing companies in this industry that require data acquisition for their rotational or flywheel applications. Also proximity switches used for ON/OFF functions used in industrial machinery.

Railroad Sensor

Application: Locomotive Speed control , Diesel engines, Transmission , Switches
Sensor usage: Typically VR speed sensors used for speed control of the diesel engines. There are also some hall effect applications such as proximity switches for control systems

Power Generation Sensor

Power generation
Applications: Gen-sets, Panels, Diesel engines, Power turbines, Wind Mills
Sensor usage: Mag-pickup or Hall Effect speed sensors for measuring the speed of the flywheel.

Military Sensor

Application: Engine control, Bradley transmission, Various light armored vehicles, GPS systems, Missiles, Mining equipment
Sensor Usage: Range of Hall effect and VR speed sensors for different applications requiring data acquisition for speed and position.

Biotech Sensor

Centrifuge Speed measurement, Proximity switches
Sensor usage: VR and Hall effect speed sensors used for different medical equipment using control systems. Hall effect proximity switch is also used for these systems.

Exercise Equipment sensor

Exercise equipment
Application: Speed control, Distance measurement
Sensor usage: VR and Hall effect magnetic sensors used for reading the speed on Treadmills, elliptical, and step masters. Any other machine that requires sensing speed, direction and distance can be a potential application for magnetic sensors.


Hall - Effect speed sensor

Hall - Effect proximity switch sensor

Hall - Effect speed & direction sensor

Hall - Effect quadrature sensor

Hall - Effect linear position sensor

Variable reluctance speed sensor

Variable reluctance digital output sensor

Angle Position Sensing         X    
Crank Shaft Engine Timing X         X  
Distance Measurement         X    
Dynamometers     X X      
Engine Control X         X  
Engine RPM X         X  
Engine Synchronization           X  
Engine Power Generator           X  
Flow Meter Measurement           X X
Ignition Timing X            
Off Road Equipment X         X  
Presses   X          
Printers X X          
Rotary Position Measurement         X    
Shaft Speed           X  
Steering Mirror   X          
Transmission Speed X   X X   X X
Turbocharger           X  
Turbines           X  
Traction Control X X X X      
Valve Actuator   X          
Valve Position Switch   X          
Wheel Speed X         X X
Wood Chopping X            
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