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About us

Sensoronix, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of Non-contact Magnetic Sensors. This U.S based company with its headquarters in Irvine, CA, offers a range of standard and customized motion sensor solutions providing precise measurement of Speed, Direction, Position, and Proximity. Sensoronix offers engineering and manufacturing services from prototype to production for low and high volume requirements. Sensoronix has provided quality products for many successful applications and has helped many companies achieve their project objectives with the highest standards of quality and reliability.
Mission Statement
Sensoronix, Inc. is dedicated to provide innovative design capabilities, high quality Magnetic Sensor products, outstanding service, and a proactive market involvement in order to enhance and develop customer/partner initiatives.
Why Sensoronix?

Sensoronix is proud to have gathered a team of dedicated professionals with decades of success and experience in Magnetic Sensor technology and  has created an advanced full service manufacturing organization that: 

- Possesses innovative design and manufacturing capabilities.
- Specialized in customization per customers’ exact requirements.
- Emphasizes on Research and Development for New and innovative designs.
- Has capabilities to produce low and high volume production quantity manufacturing.
- Has very efficient work flow management to ensure quality and efficiency.
- Has maintained its reputation for high quality products and services while staying price  competitive in the market.

Terms and Conditions

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Sales Terms & Conditions

Purchase Order Terms & Conditions

Sensoronix believes in 100% quality and 100% customer satisfaction. Therefore, every product manufactured at Sensoronix, will be covered by the company warranty under normal conditions for 12 months after the time of shipment to customer. Any repairs or replacements due to manufacturing defects will be accommodated under the company warranty at no charge. However, defects due to exposure to environments other than specified per products specification criteria which will yield mistreatment will not be covered under the warranty. Our product management and application team will be available to assist customers with detail and step by step instructions on how to choose the right specifications for their specific need.
As a leading design and manufacturing company, Sensoronix, Inc. offers a broad range of exciting employment opportunities. Join us and you will discover a diverse, inclusive work environment where you will go as far as your ambition and desire take you. Some of the key opportunities available at Sensoronix include: Sales, Marketing, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Drafting, and other related fields. Sensoronix, Inc. also welcomes college internships and offers great programs to help enhance the educational knowledge of students by introducing the latest cutting edge technology in the magnetic sensor industry.

To be considered for employment, please email your resume to:

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